Reverse DNS Lookup

The reverse DNS tool allows you to find the hostname associated with a specific IP address. Please note that not all IP addresses have a hostname associated with them. The reverse DNS lookup tool supports both IPv4 and IPv6 address types.

What Is a Reverse DNS Lookup?

A reverse DNS lookup, also known as a rDNS or, in our opinion mistakenly, a reverse IP lookup, is a process of determining the domain name associated with an IP address. It is called "reverse" because it is the opposite of a standard Domain Name System (DNS) lookup, which involves finding the IP address associated with a domain name.

Reverse DNS lookups are often used to validate the identity of a host or server and to ensure that the IP address is not being used for malicious purposes. They can also be used to determine the origin of an email message or to identify the host of a website.

Reverse DNS lookups are performed by querying a special type of DNS record called a "pointer" (PTR) record. These records contain a mapping between an IP address and a domain name, allowing a DNS server to resolve an IP address to a domain name during a reverse lookup.

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