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The WebSniffer newsletter is a bi-weekly publication that brings you the latest updates and information on all things web-related.

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What's inside?

Each issue of the WebSniffer newsletter contains the following 3 sections.

1. WebSniffer updates

In the section "WebSniffer updates," you will learn about the latest product updates of the WebSniffer project.

2. Events

The "Events" section lists a hand-picked selection of interesting events that we recommend to attend. The events often cover the topics of Internet governance, domain name business, and cybersecurity-focused events.

The events in this section that we recommend to attend are frequently hosted by organizations like, for example, ICANN, RIPE NCC, the Internet Society, and some other Internet and cybersecurity authorities. The recommended events are mostly free of charge and can be attended online.

3. News

The "News" section of the newsletter contains some interesting, curated news related to the web, computer networks, and cybersecurity fields that are worth reading.

How to subscribe?

There are two ways to subscribe to the WebSniffer newsletter. Before subscribing, you can also check out previous newsletter issues that are available on both of the newsletter platforms, which are listed below.

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