Email Lookup

Check if an email address is valid, spam, disposable, or publicly registered

This free online tool allows you to verify email addresses. Enter an email to check its validity, detect if it's disposable, identify spam risk, and know if it's freely registered.

Email verification is essential for maintaining email list hygiene, improving campaign deliverability, and protecting against fraud by identifying risky emails.

Our tool is designed to help marketers, developers, and security professionals ensure their email lists are clean and their communications are reaching real users.

What is Email Lookup?

An Email Lookup tool checks the validity of an email address. It can determine if an email is active, detect disposable email addresses, and assess if an email poses a higher risk of being spam.

Such tools are indispensable for businesses aiming to maintain effective communication with their customers and for anyone wanting to verify the authenticity of email contacts.

How does an Email Lookup work?

Email Lookup works by querying a database that contains information about millions of validated emails. The tool checks if the entered email matches one in the database and retrieves data concerning its validity, risk level, and registration type.

The service is frequently updated to ensure accuracy, offering real-time data about emails, which is crucial for real-time decision-making processes.