WebSniffer 2022: A Year in Review

Date: December 31, 2022.

WebSniffer 2022: A Year in Review

Let's begin by acknowledging that 2022 was the most dynamic year yet for the WebSniffer project. We also want to thank all of the people who have participated and are currently participating in this project.

The project began in 2017 as a side project with the sole purpose of making HTTP requests to remote websites and presenting the HTTP response headers to users. Over the years, additional functionality has been added, turning it into a platform for internet data such as IP addresses and domain names.

The year 2022 started slowly for the project. In April, we launched the WebSniffer Discord server for community conversations. It currently has 17 members. Around the same time, the project became involved in two incubator programs. After a few months, we left one due to policies we couldn't agree with, while the other is ongoing at a slow pace.

In May, major changes were made to our LinkedIn page. In August, we launched our bi-weekly WebSniffer newsletter, which is available on Substack and LinkedIn and currently has 311 subscribers. In September, we began accepting donations.

In October, the WebSniffer project made a major move by changing our top-level domain from .CC to .COM. Our web address is now even easier to remember at WebSniffer.COM.

In November, we launched a secure password generator that generates passwords in the user's browser window and does not transfer them over the internet. It is important to choose unique, long, and difficult-to-guess passwords and to update them regularly to ensure the security of your accounts and personal information.

Surprisingly, December was a very productive month for WebSniffer. We launched reverse DNS and reverse IP lookup tools, as well as an internet glossary and a press page. We also started a blog.

There have been countless little improvements and bug fixes that we haven't mentioned, and we may have missed other internal developments in this review. This is just the beginning for WebSniffer.

Our next blog post will be about our New Year's resolutions for 2023.


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